About Omar

Omar has been working in the health & fitness industry since 1999 as a Personal Trainer and Group exercise instructor. Motivated to become a personal trainer after rehabilitating himslef from spinal surgery in his early 20’s, brought on by playing cricket at a high level, martial arts and poor exercise technique. Omar’s passion for Martial Arts, particularly Muay Thai, and wanting to get back to training proved stronger than the advice to only do gentle execise. It was a long and sometimes frustrating journey. It was Omar’s interest in Muay Thai that led him to find Yoga. Firstly attending Bikram Yoga classes as a means to improve flexibility, aid recovery and help prevent injury. This eventually led to Omar taking his 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with SYTT (Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training) and finding Ashtanga Yoga. Whilst maintaining a regular practice, Omar attends workshops learning from the likes of Kino MacGregor, David Swenson & John Scott. Omar graduated Ashtanaga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hour Yoga Alliance) with John Scott Yoga May 2016 and has also achieved 500 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher with Seasonal Yoga in January 2019. It has been through Omar’s regular Yoga practice that he has been able to heal and manage his injuries and live a more mobile and pain free life.

© Omar Baluch 2016